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Creating Memories

by Pufferfish Promotions

26 April 2018

Each Spring I conduct a major overhaul of my closet and dresser drawers, getting rid of, or donating, ripped up jeans, old sneakers, and outdated business attire. Admittedly however, I always struggle to part with the countless over-washed and hole ridden t-shirts that I have worn, and continue to wear, for what feels like decades. Whether it’s the 2003 Dave Matthews Band tie-dye shirt or the countless AAU basketball tournament T’s (littered with sponsorship logos on the back), each draws positive memories, experiences, and emotions that could never be replaced. Not to mention, they are the softest shirts you will ever find given the countless wash cycles they’ve withstood!

It was this past weekend during my most recent “Spring purge,” that I had the realization that the majority of my old T’s were originally, as some would call them, ‘event swag’ – purchased at the merch booth at a concert, shot into the crowd by a t-shirt canon, or even gifted to me as an event participant. I couldn’t begin to determine the number of places I have visited in these shirts or the number of people I have passed or interacted with while wearing one. These t’s had become more than just a part of my every day attire; they also served the purpose their makers hoped for; keeping brands top of mind, serving as discrete billboards, and surpassing the average life expectancy of traditional advertising mediums.

It was this moment that reaffirmed my belief that organizations should steer clear of buying just any old ‘swag’ and instead, invest in lifestyle products that fit both their brand and consumers alike. Why? Lifestyle brands excel at having a profound understanding of their target consumer’s way of life. This goes beyond understanding simple demographic data like age, gender, or zip code. There is a real need to comprehend the type of experiences these audiences crave, to understand what motivates or inspires them, and to know their culture inside and out. It is only then that a brand can penetrate this culture and become a contributor to a consumer’s everyday life.

From Pufferfish's beginnings, we vowed not to slap a logo on the side of a pen and promise our client that by doing so, we would raise their brand awareness or achieve their marketing goals. At Pufferfish, we ensure that we give our clients unique branded materials that their customers could realistically use, share, and even brag about. Customers should look at these products as an extension of their everyday life. By creating this experience, our clients become synonymous with memories created wearing or using these products.

Did you know that 81% of all consumers keep branded materials for more than a year? What are some branded lifestyle products that you’ve held onto or frequently use? I’m excited to learn about your stories in the comments section below!

If you’re looking to find the ideal lifestyle products for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at any time. You can find us at, or send us an email at

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