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Trendy Corporate Gifts for 2020

Why wait until the holidays? The act of gift-giving is one of the oldest human activities and one in fact, that pre-dates civilization. Even in primitive cavemen culture, the giving of gifts was fairly common as a token of love and affection towards one another. In modern times, gift-giving is seen across all spectrum's of civilization - from lover to lover, from parent to child, from friend to friend, colleague to colleague, and so on.

Corporate gift-giving is as timeless as it is important. When done right, the benefits that can be accrued from corporate gifts are manifold, from increased productivity to employee satisfaction to longevity in customer relationships. As with any type of gift or present, there are considerations to keep in mind, from what type of gift is appropriate to whether it could be misconstrued. That said, we've compiled a list of our favorite, top-trending gifts for 2020 which we feel are synonymous with employee and/or client appreciation:

Take your employee's or client's listening experience to new heights... literally... with this levitating (and super sleek and sexy) speaker. The Egg Drop Bluetooth speaker can be linked to a phone or any Bluetooth compatible device for all-day rocking in your office or at your desk! It comes with a bamboo veneer base that speaks directly to its clean, organic design making it a surefire conversation piece. With your logo or brand name screenprinted right onto the device, everyone will be talking about you!

Millions, if not billions, of people around the world start (and often continue) their days with a hot, stimulating beverage. This makes drinkware an appealing promotional item, but we say do away with the same old boring coffee or tea cup and bring in the RunnethOver cup! This ceramic cup has a 7 ounce capacity and is offered in both black and white. Each cup is paired with a bamboo wood base which helps protect hands and surfaces from heat and even better, provides the perfect place to showcase a company name, logo or message. Give the gift of a piping hot cup of coffee, tea or another favorite beverage this holiday season in this trendy and sleek custom cup.

A dopp that is sure to pop! With a waterproof inner lining, exterior zipper pocket, and a nifty carry handle, this gift is perfect for toiletries, smaller tech items, or even snacks. This dopp kit will keep your clients and/or employees organized while making a stylish statement! And if you're looking to go the extra mile for your traveling customer base, stuff your dopp kits with our handy personal travel care kits which are complete with an eye mask, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, nail file with key ring, earplugs, first aid kit, mints, chap balm and a portable tissue pack.

(Note: The denim dopp kit and the personal travel care kits are sold separately).

Pack 'em up, roll 'em in and get your clients and employees on their marry way! We love these compact yet stylish tech organizers that help keep our cords, accessories and tech necessities all rolled up and stowed away making in the perfect package for travel. Multi-functional, these kits can serve as a utility organizer or even a luxury shaving kit! Want to really make your brand go the extra mile? Fill it up with some of our best selling products for gifts that will never get old!

These are just a handful of our favorite products trending in 2020. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for a continuous look into the latest and greatest!

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