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Make it Count by Making it Personal

Our five favorite, customizable products that are sure to keep your brand on the cutting edge.

Ever get tired of the same old trade show giveaways or customer appreciation items? As a premier supplier of customizable branded materials, we strive to encourage our clients to consider products that speak to, and fit their particular audience. We don’t just mean another pen with a corporate logo printed on the side, but rather, a useful product tailored to fit the preferences and needs of one’s particular clientele.

Given our commitment to creativity, we thought it would be useful to our readers to highlight our top five customizable items that are sure to cement your brand’s place in the daily lives of your consumers:

How often do you misplace your keys, wallet, or phone? Chipolo has designed a simple and affordable solution to this mood-crushing problem; the Bluetooth tracker. There’s nothing more powerful than a gift that protects your clients; one that has the potential to save the day! Your customers can attach Chipolo to anything that is often misplaced or lost, and immediately connect it with the Chipolo App on their smartphone. When promoted, and within the 200-ft Bluetooth range, Chipolo will play a loud tune so your customer can find their lost item. If you’ve misplaced your phone, finding it is easy! All a user must do is log into the Chipolo app from another device to see the last known location, make it ring, or send a lock-screen message to friendly folks who may find it. This customizable product is a step above its competition in simplicity, style, and usability and is the perfect branded item for an organization who wants to become a brand consumers trust.

A 2015 study by a leading provider of market and consumer data, Statista, predicted that the number of smartphone users worldwide will reach 2.71 billion by 2019. Aside from being an astonishing statistic on its own, this means that the mass majority, if not all, of your customers own a mobile device and the Wedge is the perfect gift for their office or work space! The Wedge is a truly unique, fully customizable, and multifunctional tech accessory that supports virtually all smartphones and provides daily usefulness as a functional mobile device stand and screen cleaner! Its silky side polishes any high gloss surface and the soft, plush bottom serves as an easy-to-use screen cleaner. Use the Wedge's unique, attention-grabbing power to showcase your brand.

Do you want your brand to be synonymous with the outdoors? Let the “Air Couch” lead the way! This trendy new compact inflatable sofa is perfect for your customers to use in a variety of outdoor settings such as the beach, hiking, camping, music festivals, BBQs, pool parties, backyard hang outs, and lots more. All you have to do is “scoop” the air and you’ve got yourself the perfect outdoor seating solution that can go anywhere in its small, customizable carry bag. Turn to turn to the inflatable lounger to help your clients relax, all the while taking advantage of the free, oversized advertising space!

A minimalistic silhouette for the modest professional consumer, these sleek, sexy bottles are made of BPA free materials providing a clean and safe experience with every sip. Made with food grade stainless steel, this is the perfect customer appreciation gift that can be used with various liquids without the transfer of flavors of previous liquids over time! Can I get an, ‘Amen’?! Keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12, be the brand your consumers perceive as synonymous with long lasting dependability.

Call us biased because we are situated among the pristine beaches of Florida, but we know that these incredibly soft and sexy Turkish Pestemal beach towels will not only capture the hearts of your clientele, but are bound to serve as the perfect beach “billboard” for your brand. The question remains, will you be the first to dominate the 663 miles of free advertising space our Florida beaches provide? Measuring 38" x 69" and featuring a twisted fringe edge finish, these towels are an excellent choice for corporate giveaways, tradeshows, hotels, resorts, yacht clubs, and spas. We can guarantee you this: once your clients try this charming, lightweight towel, they may never go back to an ordinary towel again!

Contact us today about viewing a tailored selection of customizable products that are designed specifically to meet the needs of YOUR clientele!

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